SpringHill Experiences

Sounds of the Season

Summer time brings the sounds of SpringHill Camps to the porch of our home where I can sit and listen to camp fire songs, kids racing down the zipline and the weekly crud war.

Winter brings a whole new set of SpringHill sounds to our home. Though I don’t sit on the deck during these winter months I do love to be outside taking a walk, going for a run or just standing for a few minutes in the evening looking at the stars.

During these winter moments I hear the SpringHill sound of the season – the hum of snow making equipment covering the tubing/snowboarding hill with snow. This happens nearly 24/7 until our hill has the right base.

Then in January the humming sound’s replaced with the laughter and screams of kids racing down the hill. We expect at least 10,000 people will tube or snow board on the SpringHIll snow hill this winter including most of the over 9000 campers and their leaders attending one of our 12 Winter Retreats.

As I listened to those snow makers on my early morning run today I began to think of the snow maker hum as the prelude to an even greater sound – 1000’s of kids experiencing SpringHill this winter and more importantly experiencing Jesus Christ in a life changing way.


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