Living as a Leader

Surprised by the Dawn

This morning, along with most people in Michigan, I awoke to a winter wonderland. Many inches of heavy snow had fallen through the night and now covered the world. The beauty was spectacular. But for those of us who were up before the dawn we were able to see this incredible scene slowly unfold before our eyes.

Every morning that I experience an incredible sunrise or the surprise of new fallen snow I’m reminded of the faithfulness of Christ. Night always turns to dawn and with dawn comes the hope and anticipation of all that a new day brings. It seems that any good idea or moment of inspiration I’ve ever had has occurred during these moments as the dawn has appeared.

So for me, to see the day arrive as I pray and read the Scriptures, is a deep spiritual, life renewing experience. As much as I appreciate a romantic sun set, it’s the dawn that stirs my soul and sets the course for the day before me.



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