SpringHill Experiences

Photos of SpringHill after the Blizzard

I walked to my office today, as I do whenever I can, and was able to see the chilling beauty of our Michigan camp property after a winter storm. For those of you who normally experience SpringHill in the summer here are some photos of what camp looks like in the winter.

New Frontier’s ropes course in -10° F wind chill

New Frontier’s amphitheater in hibernation.

Founder’s House – a cozy place for a cold winter day.

SpringHill Barn and Site area.

Copper Country Entrance

Copper Country craft house closed for the season.

Little different from Summer Camp Opening Days

Our Site staff had camp up with power when our office staff arrived today.

Olson Auditorium just a few weeks away from 1000’s of campers attending Winter Retreats

The New Frontier’s climbing wall, it isn’t 

Mount Everest but it would still be a cold climb.

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