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Have I Ever Told You I Love My Job?

When people ask me what I do for a living I tell them I get to be at camp every day. How great is that? What better place is there to be and work other than camp? I can’t think of very many.

And today is one of those reasons why I love what I do for a living. You see we had our annual All Staff Meeting where we reviewed our updated ministry (strategic) plan for the year.

We always have an internal staff theme for our annual ministry plan. For 2011 we’ve taken on a sports team theme. We are playing for the championship this year – which means having the very best year in SpringHill’s history (as you can see our team is not shy about wanting to achieve great things for the Kingdom).

So we watched some clips from some great sports movies. We had different members of our team share sections of our ministry plan (game plan) found in our 2011 SpringHill Playbook.

We asked each other questions like “how can the rest of us help you achieve these goals?”

We each received a team jacket and took the 2011 SpringHill Team photo.

We even tried a version of the “We are Marshall” cheer changing it to, you guessed it, “We are… SpringHill.”

But it’s not all the fun sports analogies and clichés that made the day great.

It was being with the SpringHill team. These people not only love the mission and vision of SpringHill but also gifted and talented. They are more than capable as individuals and as a team to assure we win the 2011 championship. Now that’s a great place to be.

A coach once told me “winning is fun” to which I agree. I would only add “winning is even more fun when you are doing it with teammates you love.”


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