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Wednesday Night Live and Great Staff

Last night I had the opportunity to enjoy our Copper Country leadership staff’s program called “Wednesday Night Live”. The team did an incredible job planning, rehearsing and then providing a fun, purposeful and engaging program for our 4th thru 6th grade Michigan campers.

Wednesday Night Live is a series of funny skits and songs perform in our outdoor Copper Country amphitheater – a setting which is just incredibly beautiful and so classic camp like.

The show’s kicked off by singing led by the band performing at our middle school camp and ends with a drama that depicts Christ’s sacrificial death on the cross with the humor sandwiched in between.

As I stood in the back watching and laughing with some of our staff and volunteers I couldn’t help but reflect on the truth that the most important ingredient to any successful team, be it a summer camp, church or business is the quality of people on that team.

We had an incredible show and evening and frankly we’re having an incredible summer in Copper Country and throughout all of SpringHill because of our quality summer staff.

There’s no more significant and important part of a SpringHill Experience than these great people, working for the right reasons, creating and delivering these great experiences that Christ uses to transform the lives of kids.

They make summer camp a SpringHill Experience.

Click here to see other photo’s from Wednesday Night Live.

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