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One More Thought About Being Pretty in Pink

As I’ve reflected on yesterday’s pretty in pink celebration (click to see my post on 8/09/11) there’s one other part of the story that’s continued to encourage me. It’s simply witnessing the great enthusiasm of a team who could have found reasons for not being excited about achieving this particular goal.

It would have been easy for our Michigan Site and Operations team to bemoan having significantly more campers than planned. Having 10% additional campers, most of who registered later in the process, creates enormous challenges for departments like Site and Operations. But they, as did the rest of our Michigan team, not only rose to the occasion of serving more campers, they strove to beat our stretch goal and then celebrated wholeheartedly when we did.

When every part of a team not only embraces shared goals but more importantly works diligently to achieve them, even at great personal and professional cost, winning becomes reality and for our Site Team a reason to go pink.

So at the end of a great day not only did I love the celebration I’m even more proud of the team who led it.


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