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Thankful for Faithful Supporters

After a four-day business trip to Indianapolis Denise and I took advantage of the spring like weather in northern Michigan and walked around camp (last weekend we snowshoed around camp). As we walked around Copper Country I reflected on the incredible support SpringHill has received over the decades.

Incredible support comes from incredible people who believe in what God has done and is doing in and through SpringHill. They align with the answers to the 6 key questions I’ve been writing about over the last couple of weeks. There’s a mutual commitment to making the answers to the 6 key questions a reality.

It’s important to understand that at SpringHill we include in our definition of supporters – volunteers, prayer partners, ambassadors, and donors. Every person who falls into one or more of these categories is absolutely critical to our effectiveness. We’ve been blessed over the years to have many people in all four groups.

While in Indianapolis I, along-side Craig Soderdahl our Regional Vice President and Kate Wilson our Regional Development Representative, met with friends of SpringHill who included corporate donors, long time supporters , former and current board members and staff, and over dinner, a group of future camper families, prayer partners, ambassadors, volunteers and donors.

Each meeting in Indianapolis was a powerful reminder of the essential role our supporters play in SpringHill today and into the future. The walk around Copper Country reminded me of the critical role our supporters have played over the years. So whether it’s past, present or future, on this early spring day, I’m deeply thankful for our supporters and what they’ve done and do for SpringHill, kids and Jesus.


  • Penny Hunter

    Love the definition of “supporters.” Many non-profits, while they rely heavily on the work of volunteers, treat them like temp staff instead of supporters. The long-term health of a non profit requires treating anyone who gives of their time, influence, money or other resources with respect and an attitude of gratefulness. Bravo to you. Grately admire what you’re doing at Springhill.

    • Michael Perry

      Thanks Penny for the affirmation and the feedback. Thanks to you and your work on “the Power of Camp” campaign. We’re praying for wild success of this important intiative.

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