A Prayer for a Spring Day

Oh Lord, the Creator, the Giver and the Sustainer of all Life,

You are the God who awakens the earth and all its creatures from their winter slumber.

Lord, You bring forth life each spring and turn it’s still and icy nights into choruses of song,

You fill empty branches of trees with the source of all of the world’s life.

The animals make their way from their winter homes to the fields and streams

overflowing with the winter snow melt and the spring rains.

How can we experience this rebirth, this new life, this transformation each year

and not immediately turn to the new life given to us through Your Son Jesus?

In the spring, when the entire world is awakening, Your Son went instead to sleep,

When life arrived from what appeared to have been dead, Your Son died,

With the arrival of scented flowers and fruitful trees, filled with singing birds,

Jesus lay three days in a silent tomb, having only the aroma of death.

Yet the world and all that’s in it would one day go to sleep again,

to experience death, Lord you planned it this way,

But You also planned for our Jesus, to come alive, more alive than the best spring day.

Jesus rose from His death, to live forever, to give hope that all of creation would one day be rescued

from its assured death, to be delivered from its winter slumber.

And Your Son’s return to life on that spring morning, is a promise to us, who put our faith in Him,

that we too will not be bound by the eternal winter, but will one day live forever in a place

where there will be no winter, where there will be no death,

but only life found on the best spring day ever and one that will never end.


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