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Being Better Everyday than we were Yesterday

There’s a hard reality we need to accept, and it’s simply this – if something isn’t growing then it’s dying.  There’s really no standing still. And by growing I mean getting better, progressing, moving forward, and by dying I mean things are slipping backwards in their usefulness or effectiveness.  I know this to be true for myself, I’m either getting in better shape physically, emotionally and spiritually or I’m slowly in decline.  I might ignore this reality but I can’t escape it.

But what’s true for us as individuals is also true for organizations, whether it’s a company, an educational institution, a local church, or a nation.  Organizations are either moving forward or moving backward.  And leadership is the key to which direction an organization will go.

That’s why one of the personal qualities and professional competencies needed by people who work for SpringHill is what we call “Continuous Improvement”.  Now understand I’m not a big fan of buzz words especially when they’re code words for something else. But I like “Continuous Improvement” because it’s a phrase that says exactly what it means.

And it’s why we use this phrase to describe the personal quality someone needs to display, both in their personal life and in their work, to have long-term success at SpringHill.  You see SpringHill wants to be an effective and an enduring organization, which means every day, SpringHill, needs to be better than it was yesterday. And for this to be a reality SpringHill’s staff also needs to, every day, be better than we were yesterday.

This is part 11 of 14 in a series of posts about what it takes to be successful at SpringHill.


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