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Thriving not just Surviving

???????????????????????????????Some gardens barely survive, others thrive. What’s different? It usually is a result of some combination of the four following things – good soil, water, sunlight and hard work.

A close friend of mine was asked to give a talk to business leaders centered on the theme of “thriving not just surviving” and asked if I would share with him some of the things we do at SpringHill to thrive. Below is my answer to my friend’s request.

Like a garden there are four areas of focus that I’m convinced have helped SpringHill not just survive during these rocky economic and industry challenging times but actually thrive.

  1. People – always assuring people, whether it is staff, partners, or customers, are the organization’s top priority. Why? Because it’s the committed and talented people who make SpringHill a healthy and thriving ministry.
  2. Alignment – having clarity and commitment throughout the organization on the answers to the most important questions an organization faces such as:
    1. Why do we exist? Mission
    2. What’s important to us? Core Values
    3. What do we want to become? Vision
    4. What do we want to accomplish? Goals, both short and long-term
    5. What makes us distinct? Brand
  3. Culture – creating an organizational culture that is positive about the possibilities, respectful of people, appropriately challenging and accountable, and finally celebratory.
  4. Work – like a garden, creating a thriving organization requires ongoing attention and care of these three elements – the people, alignment and the culture of the organization.

There may be other elements necessary to thrive, but these four have been the center of SpringHill’s healthy growth for many years.

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