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Forward Leaning! Leading the SpringHill Way – Part 5

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen sitting we can take many postures. For example we can slouch back and put our feet up or sit erect and tense, or we can sit on the edge of our seat leaning forward. Each posture communicates a different attitude about the world around us.

Sitting postures provide a great illustration for different postures we can take as leaders. For example, there are times when being laid back or tense and alert can be the most appropriate postures a leader can take. But I believe a leader’s most predominate posture should be forward leaning. Forward leaning leaders are leaders who are ready for action, looking for opportunities, and attuned to the people and world around them. It’s an externally focused posture.

This posture is important because we lead in a fast changing and values shifting world where opportunities and dangers disappear as quickly as they appear. Only leaders who are in a forward leaning position can effectively navigate and lead in such a world.

  • So what’s your leadership posture? Here are some of the questions that can help identify your “sitting position”:
  • What is my mental, emotional and physical posture?
  • Am I focused on the world around me or is my focus turned inside?
  • If an opportunity arises will I see it?If a problem comes our way will I have myself and my team prepared or will we be caught off guard?

Be a forward leaning leader and you and your team will always be ready for action.


  • Matt Wagner

    Mike – Appreciate this post! Body language sometimes communicates so loudly its hard to heard what people are saying. And most of us have been on both sides of this. In leadership, the posture we maintain in all things and what it communicates reaches farther than we appreciate in the moment. – Matt

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