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Yesterday as I was on my way down to staff training at our overnight camp in Indiana I stopped by our Day Camp at Brookside Church in Fort Wayne.  Our Camp Director, Danae Durling, gave me a tour of the location and also the opportunity to see staff and campers.  It was obvious kids were having a blast on day two of camp.

One mother had come early to pick up her son so he could go to a baseball playoff game.  This boy was having a great time with his friends and his counselor until his mother told him he had to go.  Then it was all tears.  We never want to see kids have sad tears at camp, but this one touched our staff.  This boy’s tears were because he did not want to leave camp – even to play baseball.

We are thankful for the experience and the impact it is having on this boy but we also pray that the same impact will be had by the over 4000 Day Campers we expect this summer.

The good news for this camper?  He is coming back to SpringHill today and has 3 more days of camp.

I finished my day in worship with our staff in Indiana. A huge thunder-storm rolled through as we were together.  As we sang  “Hallelujah grace like rain falls down on me” we could all hear the patter of rain falling on the club room.

After worship most of the rain had stopped and we stepped out onto the deck overlooking the lake.  The sky was bright pink and fire orange.  Across the lake there was an incredible rainbow.  It was a powerful picture that not only does God’s grace like rain fall down on us but also reminded us of another reality of which we sang “hallelujah, all my stains are washed away, washed away”.  A great ending to a great day.

Camper receives a little help from one of our staff.
One of the small ("cabin") group talking about Sin and it's impact on our lives.


  • Dana Berry

    Thank you for the wonderful post. Nothing in this life compares to the draw of Jesus. When it rains and storms and rainbows come I smile because I am so thankful for His complete beauty and presence. Sometimes I can feel so alone and then Jesus draws me back. He is real and I can rest quietly in His love and grace.
    This is the first year since my son Jack was 10 years old that he won’t be at Spring Hill. He spent 9 summers there as a camper and every time he came home he would make comments like, “why can’t the world be like that”, or “I feel God there”. Life can be a bit easier for teenagers to be with people of such faith.
    Have a great summer with the campers and I will pray that many children begin or reinforce their relationship with Him. Spring Hill, thanks for making such a difference in our lives 🙂

    • mdperry1

      Thank you Dana for the sharing. I’m thankful we could be a part of Jack’s and your family’s life over that last 9 years. Our hope is that there will be other opportunities for us to serve you. Blessings on a great summer

    • mdperry1

      Great to be with you. You and your team are doing a great job and it’s a privilege for me to be a witness to that good work.

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