Summer Camp

Experiences that Change Lives

Our mission is to create ‘life changing experiences where young people can know and grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ.”  One of the ways we test whether we are achieving our mission is to ask campers the question “how will your life be different when you go home?”  Our goal is for a camper to have a change in attitude and behavior that reflects Kingdom values that they heard, saw and experienced at SpringHill. 

Camper answering the question at a Indiana closing rally "how will you be different when you go home?"


Below is an email we received from a mother of one of our Day Campers. It reflects this life change both in perspective and in action.  It also acknowledges the impact a SpringHill Experience can have on a family as the result of a camper going home changed. 

“Thanks so much for the amazing camp experience and scholarships for my children, Luke and Cambria.  They were so blessed.  My daughter made a friend from the Pullman group that was bussed up each day. Her name is Isabella.  We are going down to Pullman to take her out for ice cream next week.  My daughter, Cambria, has a huge compassionate heart and wants to bring her clothes and shoes, because she doesn’t have any.  My daughter and I asked Isabella what she needed.  She told Cambria and I what she needed was  shoes and clothes. Cambria said “we will get those things you need and bring them to you”.  Cambria hugged Isabella and  I cried!  We are going to take her for ice cream next week and bring her the clothes and shoes she needs because her family is so poor. Thank you God for using your kids to extend your Kingdom here on earth!” 

We can never under-estimate the ripple of transformative power upon others when Christ changes a life, especially a life of a child. 

Camper at one of our Day Camps climbing "the ladder".

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