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It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This!

Each summer our sons, MD, Mitch, Jonathan and I have an annual get away to northern Ontario. Last week was the 2010 version and our 11th trip together. We all agreed it was our best one yet.

Now I’ll admit that at the end of each trip the boys will say it was our best one.  There is something about getting away together, stepping back from the normal activity of life and being in God’s creation that builds deep relationships. It’s true of camps, it can be true for family outings.

Mitch, MD and Jonathan

We go to Camp Anjigami – – and stay at one of their fantastic locations. Our friends Craig and Linda Williams, owners of Camp Anjigami, always treat us like family (they even brought me a birthday cake via float plane).

This year we stayed on a long, deep lake called Ogas.  It is the third lake south of the main lodge requiring us to boat and walk 2 hours to reach it.  The cabin is on a rock island in the middle of the lake.  It was our first time staying in this particular place and we agreed it is now our favorite.

We follow a few simple guidelines for our trip.

First, we do what we want to do when we want to do it.  No agenda’s, schedules or expectations beyond being together.

Second, the boys drive the decisions of what we will do when.

Third, the boys do all the cooking, cleaning (we really don’t do much of this till the end) and setting up camp.

Fourth, we are going to have fun.

Finally, we have no electronics (no electricity helps).

We always have great discussions about life.  We talk about those important issues – faith, relationships, future plans, etc..

The boys said this is their best week of the year. They look forward, with anticipation, to our adventure together. More importantly they committed to making this an annual tradition for the rest of our lives plus adding their own trips with their own kids when the time comes.

As a Dad, it doesn’t get any better than this.


  • David Lynema

    Michael ,

    I am very happy for you . My daughters and I spent time in the out of doors when they were younger . And my daughter Candi and I hunted in Iowa for pheasants . And 1 week before she was married Candi and I went deer hunting , and she shot her first deer . And now I have 2 grandsons , 1 grand daughter and anther grand daughter who will be named Remington (Remi) coming in the next couple weeks . GOD is Great , Life is GOOD , and Grand kids are FUN .

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