Summer Camp

The Things that Make Us Laugh!

When ever I am with former SpringHill staff discussion always comes around to those memorable camp moments. Those times where a camper or another staff member did or said something that was so funny that it is repeated over and over for years to come. 

As we approach the end of our summer I have begun asking some of our current summer staff to share some of their memorable and funny camp stories with me. Here are a few that I know will be repeated for a long time. 

There was the day camper who everyday for water activities would dress up in a Spider Man outfit instead of a swimsuit.  After the first day his mom would pack his swimsuit and put away the Spider Man outfit.  He would then sneak and take out the swimsuit and put the Spider Man outfit back in his backpack.  Nothing like Spider Man coming down the slip and slide. 

Spider Man down the slip-n-slide.


Then there was the camper who decided to be an expert hamburger chef so spent part of his week thinking of new hamburger recipes.  One of the more creative recipes was the “mango burger”.  The meat would be venison with Mozzarella cheese in the middle.  Then it would be topped with mango.  The question this camper had was “How do you eat a hamburger with big chunks of mango on it?”  His counselor suggested the mango be thinly sliced.  To which the camper exclaimed “Yes, that way I can make more burgers.” 

Finally there are the staff who created “squirrel fishing.”  They tied a cinnamon sugar twist on fishing line then threw it over a tree branch and lowered it to the ground. As the squirrels would come up and try to run off with the twist they would pull on the fishing line raising the twist up with the squirrel hanging on.  Not sure how funny it was to the campers but the staff sure seemed to enjoy it. 

Camp is many things, one of which is creating memories, some planned, others unplanned. Laughing at funny memories remind us that God gave us life to be enjoyed even in the silliest moments.

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