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Where the Heart Is!

“Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Matthew 6:21 

The beauty of not – for – profit organizations and ministries like SpringHill are that they are designed to receive resources from others free of charge.  It’s beautiful not because the resources are free but because of what it says about the people providing the resources.  It says they believe in mission of the organization, the people who are responsible for it, and most importantly, the impact the organization is having on the lives of others. 

Dr. Kim Mitcham gives one week each summer as our Michigan camp medical Doctor.


There are few other honor’s that an organization can receive then needed resources given as a gift.  For an organization like SpringHill these gifts come as gifts of time, talents, prayer focus, services and products, and financial resources.  Each enables us to continue to move forward in carrying out our vision and fulfilling our mission. 

It’s an honor because the gift implies trust. People entrust us with resources they been entrusted with. 

It’s a privilege because gifts provides us an opportunity to work on behalf of others in our common mission and vision. 

It’s a responsibility because we now are the new stewards of these resources on behalf of the previous stewards and more importantly on behalf of Christ Himself. 

Finally, by receiving people’s gifts we are receiving a part of their hearts (where your treasure is…) and there is nothing more important to a ministry like SpringHill then having the committed hearts of like-minded people involved. 

We are blessed beyond what words can adequately express for the 1000’s of gift givers to SpringHill.  From the faithful volunteer to the prayer warrior to the benefactor who provides financial resources.  We could not exist without them and even if we could, with out their hearts our work would not be all that it should be. 

Sally, one of our loyal volunteers who gives of her time and talents to SpringHill. Working registration on Opening Day.


Dr Joe and Allison Kochan both of whom volunteer for at least a week each summer.


Long term supporter and volunteer Owen Gussler.

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