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S2 Twice Daily

Safety and souls, this is my prayer for our campers, staff and guests.  I pray for these two things two times each day. Once in the morning and once at night before going to bed.  There is nothing more important when people are a part of a SpringHill Experience than their safety and their spiritual nurture and transformation.

Eleanor and her IN Staff now trained & certified to send campers down the zipline.

There are only a hand full of things I pray for regularly twice daily.  They are things like my kids, my wife Denise and other specific people and situations God has placed in my life.  Why twice daily?  It’s because these are the things that are heavy on my heart and I have a sense of responsibility for them as God’s steward.  I pray regularly for other things of course but just a small number make the “twice daily” list.

That’s why yesterday I took a walk around Rust Lake at our Indiana camp (and because of the fact it was so beautiful outside I didn’t want to sit  in an office any longer) and prayed for summer camp, our campers, staff and guests.  It was appropriate to pray for S2 during this week since we are in the middle of staff training.  This week and the previous three weeks  is where we prepare our staff to provide an S2 experience for everyone who comes to SpringHill.

It’s our way of acknowledging that God generally answers prayers through His people.  This means we need to do our part to cooperate with God in answering our prayers.  Prayer doesn’t allow us to run from our responsibilities, it forces us to acknowledge where the ultimate source of all good things comes from yet do the part He has called us to do in fulfilling those things.

Please join me in praying for S2 for everyone who has a SpringHill Experience this summer.

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  • Christina Perry

    Dad im glad everything is going well at camp, but im missing you. Can’t wait to see you, love you!

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