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The Power of Clarity

“Clarity of mind means clarity of passion, too; this is why a great and clear mind loves ardently and sees distinctly what he loves”  Blaine Pascal.  I saw Pascal’s thinking in action when I visited our Day Camp at River Oaks Community Church – this past week .  I had the opportunity to meet with Tim Rowland, Senior Pastor, and hear the vision and philosophy behind this effective Goshen, IN church.

Tim Rowland discussing the vision of River Oaks Community Church

When I asked him why he believed our Day Camp partnership has been so successful in its first year (over 200 kids including 70 financially disadvantaged kids from local grades schools, fully underwritten by their church family).  Tim responded that there was a clear match between SpringHill’s Day Camp ministry and River Oaks vision for its church community.

Tim then outlined, with ease and clarity, the vision of River Oaks and it’s people.  First, that all their church family would, through their day-to-day lives, reach out to “lost” people around them.  Secondly,  that all their people would be growing in their faith in Jesus Christ and finally they would all demonstrate compassion for the poor and needy.

Tim then explained how Day Camps was helping them fulfill this vision in very tangible ways.  Because of these tangible outcomes it created enormous passion and energy within their church family around this opportunity to make a life changing impact on the lives of 200 kids from their church and community.  Thus the incredible success in their first year of hosting SpringHill Day Camps.

I loved the clarity Tim and River Oaks  has for their church family.  Because they have “clarity of passion” and a “clear mind” that “loves ardently and sees distinctly what they love”  it allows them to make a decision to partner with a ministry like SpringHill and to follow through on that decision with the energy to make it a reality.

Speaking of clarity, we have a new portable ropes course that will be at a number of day camp locations (see below). It has proven to be a great challenge and a lot of fun for our campers as well as creating numerous teachable moments and object lessons that our staff can use to help reinforce the lessons we are sharing with our campers each day. Nothing creates clarity for people, regardless of the age,  like having a tangible and hands on experience, such as a ropes course, to grasp and remember a lesson or spiritual truth.

Camper making his way through the high ropes course.
Campers debriefing their high ropes experience (someone must have asked the counselor a hard question).

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