Summer Camp

Welcoming Campers to Camp

I spent yesterday doing one of my favorite things in the world – helping welcome campers and their families to SpringHill.  It was week 1, opening day for our Indiana overnight camp which made it even better.  Not only are campers a bit nervous and excited about camp but on opening day of week 1 all the staff, including myself, have a few “pre-game butterflies”.

TSTer's welcoming campers and their parents at the luggage tent.

I’ve been a part of our camp in Indiana for 10 years and thus spend a big part of my summers in southern Indiana. Two people said to me  “you are always here on Father’s Day”.  And as I thought about it I realized  that maybe true. What those comments made me realize though was the depth of  relationships I have had the privilege to build with our staff, campers and their parents over these last 10 years.

My work allows me to be in contact with, work with and become friends with some of the best people.  People  from around the mid-west and from all over the country.  And here is what occurred to me as I thought about these relationships. Christ’s Kingdom is truly every where.  God’s people are everywhere, and the power of connection between His people makes for a very visible and transformational expression of  His Son in the world.

Even though I was not home with my kids for Father’s Day I was able to spend it with friends doing something I truly love and being a part of something, a Kingdom, which is  much bigger and more transformational than any single person or organization.

Campers being brought to their cabins via the SpringHill fire truck.

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