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A Superb SpringHill Weekend

This past weekend was our first Junior High Winter Retreat of the season. We had nearly 1000 students and their leaders from 39 different churches attend.

Junior High weekends definitely have a different feel compared to our Senior High weekends. For one thing there is much more energy and motion. These students bring along an enthusiasm for the weekend that seems to fill camp.

To add to the natural energy of this particular weekend we had RO Smith as our speaker. RO is a former SpringHill program director and one of the early architects of the current version of our Winter Retreat program. He and his wife Mindy (who was with him) currently serve as the Co-Directors of Youth Discipleship at Bel Air Presbyterian Church in Los Angeles. 

RO is a high energy, animated and humorous speaker who connects well with teenagers resulting in an even more exciting Junior High weekend.

He is also committed to communicating God’s truth, as presented in the Scriptures, in a way that junior highers can relate to and grasp. This makes for a very powerful weekend of ministry.

One other benefit to having RO and Mindy at SpringHill is that we typically have a mini reunion with other past staff coming back to spend time with the Smith’s. So on top of great ministry we can connect with old friends.

So it’s the perfect combination for a superb weekend – junior highers at SpringHill, great ministry and spending time with close friends. What else can a guy ask for on a winter weekend?

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