Summer Camp

From a Place to an Experience

This past week Todd Leinberger, great friend and our VP for our Michigan overnight night camp (soon to be VP of the Great Lakes Region) stopped me in the New Frontiers Dining Hall and said to me…

“Isn’t it amazing that this week we’ll have 1000 summer campers in a SpringHill Experience and none of them will be here at our Michigan camp” (because of school calendars our Michigan camp starts a week later).

Yes it’s amazing because it wasn’t that long ago that SpringHill was just one place in Evart, Michigan.

In my first summer at SpringHill, 1998, we had about 500 – 600 kids per week and they were all at our Michigan camp – our only SpringHill camp.

Today, the summer of 2011, SpringHill will create life changing experiences for nearly 2000 kids per week in 6 locations around the Midwest. It’s an incredible change (and quite the ride) in a relatively short period of time.

But understand the change hasn’t been just about the numbers and the locations it’s been about the change in the perspective we bring to our work. Today we don’t see SpringHill as a place, though places are very important to our work, we see SpringHill as an experience.

But SpringHill’s even more than just an experience – SpringHill’s a talented and committed team of people creating these experiences that Christ uses to transform young lives.

It’s who God’s called us to be and what God’s called us to do. So we’ll continue to build into a great team of people who’ll keep creating SpringHill Experiences where ever and whenever there are kids to reach and there’s an opportunity to serve.

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