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Working Together on Behalf of Young People

GCC Counselor & SpringHill Staff encouraging a camper on the solo challenge

Three hundred junior high students and their leaders from Granger Community Church (GCC) are in the middle of their annual summer experience here at our Michigan overnight camp.

It’s a key part of GCC’s junior high ministry, something they’ve done for years. But it’s the first time SpringHill’s had the privilege of hosting their camp and we’re excited and thankful for the opportunity.

Over the last few years GCC and SpringHill have developed a ministry partnership that has as its goal to help young people know and grow in their relationships with Jesus Christ. Our partnership includes GCC hosting two weeks of SpringHill Day Camps and SpringHill hosting their junior high summer camp.

Church partnerships like GCC’s are the cornerstone of SpringHill’s work. SpringHill exists to create life changing experiences for young people, yet not in isolation, but instead doing it in context of the wider Kingdom of Christ.

On the other hand the local church’s mission’s to be involved in a young person’s life on a daily and weekly basis. God’s ordained the local church to be the place where the ongoing nurture of God’s people takes place. So we see SpringHill’s responsibility as coming along side the local church and helping it fulfill this mission by creating these experiences.

Thus relationships such as the one between SpringHill and GCC are absolutely critical to the spiritual development of young people. Because when the local church and ministries such as SpringHill integrate their efforts to serve young people the results are long-term, memorable, eternal and ultimately life transforming.

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