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Great Organizations are Built on Strong Foundations

“Thank you for continuing to keep the mission of SpringHill alive and moving forward” were the words of one former board member who attended our 3rd annual SpringHill board member reunion.

His words, along with all the other conversations were truly encouraging. Their presence blessed us greatly and spoke volumes about their commitment to and love for what God’s continuing to do through SpringHill. It’s this ongoing commitment from folks like these that allow organizations like SpringHill to thrive for decades.

Our day together occurred at our Michigan overnight camp.  It started out with summer staff worship,  joining  pre-opening day staff meeting and then watching our the entire summer staff take their annual photo leading one board member to comment “there are more staff than we had campers in any given week when I was on the board”.

We then enjoyed a meal together in the Founders’ House (or what folks called back in the day…”The Big House”) where we listened to some old stories followed by a “state of SpringHill” discussion. The questions asked and the comments made demonstrated that our board alumnae continue to be committed to the mission of SpringHill and their desire to see it succeed.

But the following two benefits made this day so important for all of us.

First, the reunion allows us to bless our board alumni by letting them see the ministry that’s been built on the foundation of their sacrifice and hard work while acknowledging their contributions and thanking them for what they’ve done and still do to help SpringHill fulfill its mission.

And secondly, it’s a great reminder to our current staff and board of where we’ve come from which helps us to become all God has called us to be and to do all that God has called us to do.

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