Growing as a Leader

“When Love and Skill Come Together Expect a Masterpiece.”

Christina and I after her Spring Dance Recital

English poet John Ruskin once said “When love and skill come together expect a masterpiece.”  I experienced a masterpiece tonight by my daughter, Christina, and the members of her dance company, Company Dance Traverse.  Over the years of watching my daughter dance it has been amazing to see her grow and develop into an incredible ballerina. 

Christina, absolutely loves to dance.  On our way home from the recital somehow Christina and I ended talking about what life will be like in the new heaven and new earth.  I asked her what she thinks she will be doing in our eternal home and she said ” I hope I can dance all the time.”  When you equate something with our eternal home you must really love it. 

Now add to her love for ballet, the incredible hours over years and years that Christina has put into her dance and the result was seen tonight.  It was a masterpiece.  Without the practice there would be no skill and with no love Christina would never had practiced all those hours.  It really does take both love and skill if you want to produce a masterpiece.  Christina understands this because she lives it.

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  • Christina Perry

    Dad i love you so much! I had a great time with you on the way home from the recital tonight, i love it when we are able to spend quality time together. Thanks so much about what you said, it means SOOOO much to me. I love you very very much and you are the best dad ever! 🙂

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