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What We do During These Winter Months

It’s during these winter months that I’m often asked (mind you, rarely in a judgmental manner) “what do you and SpringHill do all winter long?” People know what SpringHill does during the summer – we have summer camp – but it’s the other nine months of the year that seem to be a mystery to people.

Now I’m not offended by such inquiries because they give me an opportunity to share all that we do during these busy months of winter. So, just in case you’ve also wondered, let me share with you the answer to the question “what do you and SpringHill do all winter long?”

In no particular order here’s a sampling of our work this winter:

Visit college campus’ across the Midwest to find, recruit, interview, reference check, do back ground checks and contract a 1000 people to work this summer.

Then prepare comprehensive and effective training for each of these 1000 new staff.

Create, plan and prepare 5 major programs and curriculums for campers and summer staff.

Make improvements to our property and facilities in time for our first campers to arrive.

Identify 65 church and ministry partners in 12 plus cities to host our Day Camps as well as identifying dozens of partners for 2013.

Market, sell, register, collect releases, medical forms, payments and answer the questions of parents for 23,000 summer campers.

Raise money to make the needed capital improvements and pay for 2500 camper scholarships.

Work out the logistics of weekly opening and closing days at 9 different SpringHill locations.

Oh yes, I nearly forgot, we’ll also serve nearly 12,000 retreat campers between now and the arrival of our first summer camper.

So as you can see, there’s no off-season at SpringHill, just a different season with different work. So as you think of SpringHill in the months to come, please remember this list and then pray for our staff that we’ll do all our work well, so that God might use our efforts to transform the lives of campers and staff we’ll have the privilege to serve in the coming months.


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