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Always a Student – The Essential Need to Learn

When you learn, you grow and change, and when you grow and change, it’s almost always a result of learning. There’s an undeniable relationship between these concepts. So if a person or an organization wants to grow, whether it’s in a career, a relationship, or in their impact on people and the world, it almost always requires ongoing learning. Because the reality is growth and change will stall or burn out if not fueled by learning.

This is why one of SpringHill’s core values is to be a learning and mission-driven organization. Without learning we would not experience the necessary change required to grow in our influence, outreach and effectiveness in fulfilling our mission and achieving our long-term goals. As we often remind each other “if we’re not learning we’re dying.”

It’s also why one of the qualities and competencies a person needs to have long-term success at SpringHill is what we call “Personal Learning”. It’s that personal and professional curiosity and inquisitiveness which leads to continuous improvement in one’s self and in the organization.

Personal Learning is evident in people who read, listen to others, ask lots of questions, and seeks out other people and organizations to “go to school on”. It’s also evident in people who take mistakes, defeats, and crises and see them as opportunities to learn , grow, and change. Struggles are an ally to people who love to learn.

One of the tell-tale signs a person (and organization) embraces Personal Learning is that they’re humble. You see Personal Learning requires people who accept and acknowledge to others, and to themselves, that they don’t have it “all figured out” and never will.

So, as you can see, Personal Learning is an absolutely essential part of SpringHill, which also means it is an absolutely essential quality of our staff, board and volunteers, especially if, together, we’re to make an enduring impact on our world.

This is part 3 of 14 in a series of posts about what it takes to be successful at SpringHill.


  • Jeremy

    This post really spoke to me, so thank you. We worship a Savior who does not expect us to be perfect, but rather wants us to be humble and have a teachable attitude. Next summer will be my third summer with SpringHill, and it is tempting to think, “I have it all figured out”, but the truth is, I can always improve with my job, I will always be learning. I appreciate that SpringHill does not expect its staff to be absolutely perfect, but that teachability and humility is crucial.

    • Michael Perry

      Hey Jeremy,
      Thanks for the comment and your perspective. Thanks also for being a part of SpringHill. Part of the fun of working at SpringHill is that there’s always something new to learn (at least that’s part of the reason I love it). Have a great winter and we’ll see you next summer.

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