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What Could Cause Me to Lose my Job?

???????????????????????????????Have you ever wondered “what could cause me to lose my job?”

I believe most thoughtful people, if they like their work and want to keep their job, have asked themselves this question. Of course there are the obvious answers such as stealing, not doing your job up to standards, or changes in the organization. These answers are usually written up in employee handbooks and reviewed in orientation programs.

But it’s the subtle or unspoken answers to this question, answers about attitudes, relationships, and organizational interactions that haunt conscientious people. It’s because these answers are usually what determines a person’s success in an organization.

Now to assure that SpringHill isn’t falling into this fuzzy communication trap, I’ve started to include  in my portion of our new employee orientation, a section I call “the things that will cause you to lose your job at SpringHill”.

So I share with them the seven attitudes and behaviors I’ve identified over my more than 15 years at SpringHill that have caused people to fall short as SpringHill staff –

  1. Misuse of power and authority
  2. Playing politics
  3. Not listening to others
  4. Mistreating people
  5. Believing they’ve already arrived
  6. Becoming an organizational martyr
  7. Having their own agenda

At the core of each of these attitudes and behavior is arrogance, or the Christian version of arrogance – self-righteousness. When people are arrogant, when they’re self-righteous, it always leads to one or more of all these seven attitudes and behaviors.

So I’ve told new staff that any of these behaviors and attitudes can lead to them losing their job at SpringHill. But the warning isn’t really about being self –righteous, instead it’s about bringing an appropriate humility to their work so that these seven behaviors and attitudes never take hold in their lives and in their work.

Over the next several posts I’ll dive deeper into arrogance and self-righteousness as well as each of these seven behaviors because I believe they’re relevant not just for people who work for SpringHill but for anyone who wants to be successful wherever they work.


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