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Celebrating Mom

Mom on her day.

Mother’s Day (and yes also Father’s Day) is the only card company holiday that I celebrate. Why? Because I have a great mom who’s also an incredible grandmother of our children and she deserves at least one day (actually she deserves many days) of honor each year.

I’m so thankful that I have such a mom knowing full well that many did not experience the love, support, nurturing and encouragement of a mother that I did growing up.

So as a result I feel an incredible sense of responsibility to take advantage of the head start my mom gave me in life by making a difference in our world and in Christ’s Kingdom.

Yet my mom’s influence hasn’t been limited to my growing up. She continues to play a huge role in my life and the life of Denise and our kids. She has been there in the darkest hours and the greatest celebrations. She’s been rock solid and rock steady throughout my life and the life of our family.

For this too I’m incredibly thankful. It’s a bonus that many aren’t blessed with and only adds to my desire to put her good and faithful mothering to work in my life.

So today my brother Rich and his wife Sandi, my sister Beth and I along with grandpa and most of my mom’s grandchildren came together to celebrate Mother’s Day. A celebration we’d have even if the card companies hadn’t christened it a national holiday because our mom’s worthy of a great annual party for all she’s done and continues to do and continues to be in our lives .

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  • Beth Anne

    Amen Mike!! We are so blessed to have an incredible mother!! She is a blessing from God!! =)

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