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Discovering Vision

“God’s will is more about who we are than what we do or where we go. Being always precedes doing.” Enoch Olson, SpringHill’s Founding Director

Over the past few months I’ve been deep into the journey of discovering SpringHill’s vision for its next season of ministry. I’m on my second round of meetings with our staff, board and other involved constituents. Meeting with these committed, intelligent and insightful people is inspiring. I have no doubt God’s speaking through SpringHill’s community of people.

But exactly what is vision? It’s a term that’s used differently by different people and organizations. So it’s important to know exactly what you’re after if you’re on the journey to discover your vision.

At SpringHill, we use vision to answer the question “what does God want us to become, as a ministry, over the next 10 to 25 years?” We like to say vision answers the “Be” question and not the “do” questions (effective organizations need to answer both types of questions – click here to read my post on the 6 Key Questions Every Organization Needs to Answer).

We also believe that there are certain truths about God centered visions, including:

  1. You discover visions not manufactured them.
  2. In mature organizations like SpringHill, vision does not come to just one person but is expressed through the community of constituents involved with and committed to that organization.
  3. Thus to be shared, a vision requires the input from all of an organization’s constituency groups.
  4. The leader’s job is to discover and articulate the vision of God from the voices of the community, the reality of the world, history, and an understanding of the future.

My ultimate goal in this process is to discover God’s vision for SpringHill’s future and do so in such a way that it will be a shared vision, one that everyone committed to SpringHill will work passionately to see become a reality.

In my next post I’ll walk through the specific steps I’m taking in this discovery process.

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  • Cameron Underdown (@camunderdown)

    Michael – great thoughts. Excited for where God is leading Springhill, and the new season you guys are in. Kensington and Detroit Reverse are praying for you both!

    I hope some of the @DetroitReverse conversations will make their way into this quest to make it into the next moment of SpringHill’s future!

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