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SpringHill’s Journey to Discovering Its New Vision

As I said in my last post, my goal for the process of discovering and articulating SpringHill’s new vision is that it would be a shared vision.  Meaning it would be understood, embraced and committed to by the entire SpringHill community. 

To this end we’re taking the following intentional steps on our journey.

In small groups or in one-on-one meetings, I’ve asked our staff, board and other key constituents to answer these three questions (taken   from the book “What to Ask the Person in the Mirror”):

     What do you hope SpringHill will achieve in the years ahead?

     What is special about SpringHill?

     Why do you give your precious time and energy working for SpringHill?

 Then I summarized all the answers into prevailing themes and created four example vision statements incorporating these different themes. 

 The next step is to meet once again with staff, board and other constituents to ask for their thoughts on the themes and the four example vision statements.  The goal is to hear what’s on their hearts and minds, and to seek for God’s voice in theirs.

 Next I’ll prayerfully consider what I’ve heard, in light of the reality of the world we live in, SpringHill’s history, and our understanding of the future.  From within this context my goal, God willing, is to articulate our new vision. 

 I’ll present this vision, along with 3 to 5 key strategic thrusts necessary for the vision to become a reality, to our Leadership team for their advice.

 Then I’ll present a final vision, the key strategic thrusts, and the supporting thinking, to the Board of Directors for their adoption.

 Finally we’ll share our new vision and the key strategic thrusts with our staff, followed by a full roll out to our greater constituency.

Then all we have left to do is make the vision a reality!

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