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Why I’m Reading Harry Potter

Over Christmas our family discussed our favorite childhood books. I shared that my favorite ones are the Chronicles of Narnia. Our kids, on the other hand, all agreed that their favorite books are the Harry Potter series.

Then our daughter Christina said something that started me thinking, she said “I’m going to read all the Harry Potter books to my kids, just like you did, Dad, when you read us the entire Chronicle of Narnia book”. This means not only did R.K. Rowling and her Harry Potter series influence my kids; they’ll most likely influence our grandkids.

Then Christina said, “Dad, you’ve never read Harry Potter have you?”

Embarrassed I had to answer “No Christina, I haven’t”

Then I concluded that I need too.

Because if I haven’t read the one book series that ignited our kids love of reading, and also happens to be one of largest selling children’s books in history, as well creating so much controversy in some Christian circles, and now appears to be the books my future grandchildren will have read to them, then I haven’t done my job as a parent, future grandparent, and as leader of a Christian youth ministry.

So, I’m reading them now.

I’m into the fourth book, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and I’ll I’m really enjoying them. I now understand why so many kids love these book. I also have to admit, I feel less guilty about allowing our kids to read books about witches and wizards because, though the stories are not perfect and do have the message that my beloved Chronicles of Narnia have, they are fun, wholesome, and show clear lines between good and evil.

So, though it’s a little late for my kids, I’m reading them for my grandkids, so that in some future family conversation about books I’ll be able to answer my grandkids’ question, “yes, I’ve read all the Harry Potter books.”


  • John Fleming

    P The books get “darker” as you go. But still as an adult for me, the last book of the series was the best novel I’ve ever read. Like Clancy’s series or even Star Wars the author weaves an incredible story free from contradictory or false logic elements.

    We still enjoyed Narnia, Jonah is reading the series now.


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